The GREAT rift wonders !!

Every time driving through the beautiful scenery of the great rift feels like the first time.There is something about the landscape whether on a sunny day or a cold foggy day that makes you want to  sit down from a high point and just look down and enjoy all that nature has to offer .From the high peak of Mt .Longonot and its clear geoid  shaped crater viewed from a distance on a bright day to the falling  clouds  on a cold day you wouldn’t want to miss this exciting yet thought deepening experience.Rich in her  savanna vegetation the great rift  hosts different kinds of wild animals the Buffaloes, gazelles, zebras,warthogs just to mention a few of the animals viewable from your car .Visiting this place a million times can never be satisfying especially if you are the kind of person that gets blown away by adventures and beautiful sceneries.